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European Journal of Taxonomyis published and funded by a consortium of (European) natural history museums, consequently, publishing in and access to EJT is free: neither authors, nor readers have to pay fees or subscriptions. Coordinating institutional resources into a single publishing platform contributes to excellence, prevents repetition, and increases efficiency in the dissemination of taxonomic data, while providing a secure long-term platform at minimal cost. EJT aims to be a high standard, fully free taxonomic journal that offers all the modern interactive web-based facilities of a high-level, high impact journal.

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  • Date de création : 2011
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  • Supports : papier et électronique
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    • ISSN (version électronique) : 2118-9773

Ligne éditoriale (extrait du site) : EJT is an international, fully electronic, Open Access journal in descriptive taxonomy, covering subjects in zoology, entomology, botany, and palaeontology. EJT-papers must be original and of high scientific (content) and technical (language, art work,..) standard. Manuscripts that are clearly substandard in either of these categories will not be sent out for review. EJT is carried by a consortium of (European) natural history institutes, but its scope is global. Both authorship and geographical region of study need not be European. Authors are, however, invited to involve European natural history collections by consulting extant material, or by depositing (type-) material related to the published paper in the collection of a European Natural History Institute.

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[ National Botanic Garden of Belgium; Meise, Belgium;]
[ Royal Museum for Central Africa;Tervuren, Belgium]
[ Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom]
[ Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium;]
[ Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark;]

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